25+ Portfolio's of Hollywood's Best Artists


While Hollywood may be about fame and fortune, the men and women behind the scenes designing all the sets, visual effects, concept art and more go virtually unknown, which seems ironic given the impact they have on how much of their work we see in our daily lives, because of all the advertisements we're presented with. So, to provide you with your inspiration for the week, we have compiled this list of Hollywood artists for you.

Adam Saul

Focus: Motion Graphics, Design
Notable Clients: CBS, HGTV, Universal, WB, Starz, Playboy, Disney

Andrew Parris

Focus: Design & Animation
Notable Clients: Honda, NBC, HBO, Black Eyed Peas, Bravo

Andrew Zaozirny

Focus: Motion Graphics, Storyboarding
Notable Clients: WB, Infiniti, HP, The Fresh Prince, The Cosby Show

Bee Sahunalu

Focus: Design, Art Direction
Notable Clients: WB, The Ellen Show, The Used, AMC, FX

Brad Chmielewski

Focus: Motion Graphics, Storyboarding
Notable Clients: Chicago Blackhawks, Groupon, Bob Evans, Flow Snowboards

Chris Abbey

Focus: Motion Graphics, Storyboarding
Notable Clients: Sons of Anarchy, Turbo TV

Chris Sanchez

Focus: Illustration, Storyboarding, Matte Painting
Notable Clients: RocknRolla, Sherlock Holmes, ESPN NFL

Cindy Ashes

Focus: Motion Graphics, Storyboarding
Notable Clients: Fantastic 4, ESPN World Cup

Danny Yount

Focus: Creative Direction, Design, and Live Action Direction
Notable Clients: Six Feet Under, Pushing Daisies, RocknRolla, Iron Man

Erwin Santacruz

Focus: Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Notable Clients: The Rose Parade, U.S. Army, Univision

Fernie Sok

Focus: Motion Graphics, Art Direction, 3D Modeling & Animation
Notable Clients: BBC, Lost, Spiderman, Harry Potter

Georgia Tribuiani

Focus: Art Direction, Design
Notable Clients: Robin Hood, The Pacific, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Heebok Lee

Focus: Creative Direction
Notable Clients: Twilight Eclipse, World Cup 2010, Ninja Assassin

Jonathan Winbush

Focus: Design, Animation
Notable Clients: WB, CMT, MTV2, National Geographic Channel, OnStar

Katie Nestor

Focus: Motion and Graphic Design, Animation
Notable Clients: Pepsi, Symantec, History Channel

Lorenzo Levrero

Focus: Animation, Design
Notable Clients: Inveritas, Comedy Central Italy

Martin Surya

Focus: Motion and Graphic Design
Notable Clients: Enchanted, Bee Movie, One Hour Photo, NASCAR, Chevy

Miguel Lee

Focus: Motion Graphics, Design, Animation, Direction
Notable Clients: Apple, Spiderwick Chronicles, Scion, Nike

Philip Shtoll

Focus: Design, Direction, Animation, Editing
Notable Clients: NASCAR, LA Ink, Iron Man, HP, Microsoft

Psalm Plasma

Focus: Creative Direction, Design, Motion
Notable Clients: Toyota, Coca-Cola

Ryan Massiah

Focus: Design, Animation
Notable Clients: Ford, T-Mobile, Motorola, AOL, BMW

Sebastian Onufszak

Focus: Design, Direction
Notable Clients: IBM, Ray Ban, Ford, Audi, Lincoln, MTV, Adidas, Inifiniti, Red Bull

Three Legged Legs

Focus: Direction, Animation, Design
Notable Clients: NASA, Starbucks, Wrigleys, Sprint, AT&T, Sony, GE

Tom Williams

Focus: Motion Design
Notable Clients: Jeopardy, Tony Danza, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers

We Are Seventeen

Focus: Design, Motion Graphics, Production, Direction
Notable Clients: Universal, MTV, Sci Fi, iTunes, Audi,

William Campbell

Focus: Direction, Design
Notable Clients: PlayStation 3, Target, GameStop

There are many people who work in this field for Hollywood, who are some of the artists you get inspiration from?

Author Bio: Dan Killam is a Graduate Student studying Digital Forensics at the University of Central Florida.

Nate's picture

Danny Yount does some really

Danny Yount does some really amazing work.

I've loved all the movies he's done work on.

Dan Killam's picture

He certainly does incredible

He certainly does incredible work

Baran Ornarli's picture

I like the graphics of Danny

I like the graphics of Danny Yount, Onufszak, and William Campbell. This is difficult art, probably the most difficult of all digital art.

Anonymous's picture

What about Joel Lava?

What about Joel Lava?

gcjeffers's picture

Danny Yount does some really

Danny Yount does some really amazing work.

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