8 Twitter Improvements We've Been Dying to See

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Twitter has a ton of potential, but for some reason, its owners perhaps sick of so many people using their service are trying to avoid some significant improvements that could quickly make twitter the best social network.

Why can't twitter just create some of these essential features that would actually make twitter more relevant to avid social network users? Currently, my own use of twitter has been quite unsatisfactory, I haven't seen any benefit for spending any time on twitter.

There are only a few useful features of twitter, that I find rather helpful for me. One is the ability for companies and customers to communicate about products/services in a public fashion (oh how I would love to make companies suffer for charging excessively or offering bad services). The other is seeing how our insane society (as in the whole world) constantly talks about the most trivial and nonsense topics on the trending-topics list.

#1 Trending Topics can be Improved

Why am I forced to see the 10 dumbest things the world is talking about? 9/10 times I find none of the topics interesting at all.

Why can't I see more trending topics if I want to? I should be able to go through a list and see hundreds of some-what trending topics.

Even if just 15 people are talking about some obscure subject, I want to maybe help them out, instead of continuing this perpetual cycle of retweeting the top 10 nonsense (which seems to be used by spammers to spread more links).

#2 Channels or Groups

People have flocked to third party applications, just to be able to sort through the spam that twitter provides daily. A simple concept like IRC channels or Facebook groups, could do wonders for twitter.

People want to talk about important topics, looking through search just to find someone to talk about some obscure subject is rather difficult (many times I give up and don't bother).

If people want to talk about supermassive black holes they should instantly be able to join a thread full of users talking about this very topic.

However, since twitter came alive, web developers, SEO 'experts', and business owners have been spamming it hard full of useless tweets. Twitter has never been able to catch up to this problem. The introduction of allowing third party apps to tweet, only made things worse, now an owner of a site can put up an RSS feed or whatever, and it can be forgotten about (a waste of data storage).

#3 Follower/Follow Spam Problem

These follower following numbers are meaningless these days. Anyone with a bot can get thousands of followers. People follow each other, for no real reason, just because someone else followed them. It's become a numbers game.

Furthermore, no matter how many followers I have, whenever I login to twitter, I feel like I am in an empty room full of echoes of ghosts. No one is talking to me, no one really replies to me much, but everyone is yelling for attention all around me. Unless you're a celebrity who has used bots (doesn't take a genius) like Kim Kardashian, soulja boy, and others, who are not even close to being that famous in reality, and have some hardcore fans to talk to, you are basically on your own, with the occasional person that finds your silly account and responds to what you're saying.

Twitter should just throw away this follow/following crap. It's pointless. It allows self-centered attention addicts like Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher to pretend they are more important than every other celebrity. On the other hand, it's kind of funny to see such people waste their lives on a social network, make a fool of themselves, and gain nothing.

If Twitter was real place

But perhaps Twitter feels this is an important feature, that drives such idiots to continue tweeting nonsense, because they are addicted to their follower-number. In that sense, this might be a genius plan.

#4 Texting Spam Attitude

Ever since it's beginning Twitter has focused on 140 characters, to copy SMS texting service in the hopes that silly teens will use it like a texting service (yet it worked!).

As a result, some of us suffer having to re-edit our tweets to fit the 140 characters or send multiple tweets to finish a huge paragraph.

It has made Twitter a haven for people who can't really write too much. As a result of this short tweet, Twitter has become a copy of the daily unnecessary and trivial texts you might receive from your friends.

Any intelligent conversation or deep philosophical thinking is pretty much naturally and unintentionally banned from twitter. Some may have had these great conversations on Twitter, but I bet the exchange of knowledge would have been faster via skype or gtalk.

Twitter needs to just get rid of such small 140 char limits. It's encouraging twitter to simply become a link-fest of nonsense, and that's exactly what it is today.

#5 Tweet Filters

Some people don't want to see links, others don't want to see a large number of spam-like advertisement. Some don't want to hear some guy's RSS feed but they don't want to block him either. A filter feature, perhaps using regex, would be nice.

Twitter cannot ban all spammers, and it cannot create a spam-free nonsense-free environment, therefore, it makes sense to give users more control over what they are forced to see.

It has come to a point where if I log in to my Twitter account, I don't even read the list of tweets that people I follow have said, there's just too many of them, I don't even know them, and I don't care about most of what they say, let's face it, a lot of them don't say anything interesting.

I myself try to keep my tweets to a minimum, only tweeting when I actually think someone might be interested. Unlike some of you, I may tweet once a week, or twice a week--not 24/7.

#6 Direct Messages suck

Direct messages suck. I have 837 direct messages, I haven't read. And I probably will never read a single direct message. It's filled with auto-messages of "thanks for following me, here click my site." It's come to a point, where they sound extremely genuine, but it's obviously automated. So there's no point in reading it anymore.

As a result Twitter to me has become a great place to not read, just write.

#7 A Rating system

Why can't people vote LIKE or DON'T LIKE on tweets? I know there is a "top tweets" listed BEFORE you log in, but honestly, how is that calculated and how do I even get to it when I log in?

Perhaps a profile stat when people say important things in twitter, they gain points. Perhaps they lose points (negative points would be awesome) when they say dumb things that everyone hates.

Popularity on Twitter should not be based on how many followers they acquire---but how well they tweet. I don't care if John Mayer thinks a lot of energy is needed for his next concert, who the hell in their right mind cares?

#8 Favorites Can Actually Be Important?

Can't we make favorites important? It's a useless feature currently. But if they were to limit the number of favorites that are allowed to be given, like as if they are awards/trophies. That might make it a valuable resource to further filter important vs non-important tweets.

Why can't we favorite our favorite people, and make little lists of people that we want to listen to privately. Like say I want to listen to 4-5 twitter accounts of famous physicists, I should be able to log in, click that channel/list/group, and listen to what they are saying.

TweetDeck has sort of made this possible, but I don't want to really load a separate program, I use a lot of different computers, I'd like to do this on the website itself.

I want to be able to view a number of favorite-d tweets. And I want that to expire via time. I don't want to see yesterday's most favorite-d tweets, I want to see today's best tweets!

Of course, perhaps all these improvements would further addict our society and unravel our economy, so maybe it's better that twitter continues to suck.

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Haha I like the stick figure

Haha I like the stick figure cartoon!

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