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Become a Third Party App Entrepreneur with OSS | Inferno Development

Become a Third Party App Entrepreneur with OSS


The success of the open source software movement is pretty indicative of a larger swing in the favor of independent content creators over industry giants like Apple and Google. While these powerhouses still undoubtedly wield a large amount of power and influence, the very nature of their existence is what people are getting worried about.

Nobody wants to really admit it but the mass production of information has been flawed. As the adage goes - "The free press is for those who can afford one." Only those fortunate enough to own the means to disperse information in large quantities at affordable rates could conceivably dictate the kinds of content people consume. The ability for independent software creators to work outside the confines of the business leaders as well as use their operating systems to promote their products means there are firm foundations for the enterprise.

Consider that small-time developers and programmers can easily formulate creative apps that can become useful and popular. For instance working up a reverse phone lookup app for Android wouldn't take much more than a good integration of MySQL and PHP interfacing. Then there's the novelty factor. Some app creators in the third party sector simply focus on appealing to trendy gimmicks they keep under just a few dollars. Better yet, many apps are free with the agreement that you'll tolerate advertising in banners while you play the game or use the feature.

Mobile apps are relatively easy to make and many ideas are still not yet invented or haven’t gained enough traction amongst users. Many corporations and even governments are becoming more and more interested in mobile technologies and developers.

The technology of the mobile phone and the operating systems of smart phones will evolve and demand increasingly sophisticated apps to accommodate them. The demand for mobile apps will increase as more people buy smart phones and those smart phones begin to have enough battery life, processor speed, internet speed, and physical features for more consistent and widespread usage.

You can bet on Apple and Google and others to keep the competition fast and furious for application development. The future of a few of today's phone applications entrepreneurs may one day be the inheritance of top-tier content control. In the meantime they should probably hedge their bets and work across the pre-existing and multiple available platforms.

If you've embraced open source software then you should consider using your love of open source development to create inexpensive and free content for others. It's definitely the way of the future.

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