Computer Science

Computer Science

Understanding Human Mind before Creating Super AI

Artificial Intelligence

There are many Artificial Intelligence classes all over the country that have a curriculum that simply teaches various algorithms for solving puzzles and different problems. These are solutions to problems with fixed domains, they are brute forcing the answer through calculation, not solving it like humans. While the human brain is very unpredictable and behaves as one entity with different neurons shouting over each other, electronic AI can simulate the human mind extremely accurately.

Artificial Intelligence: Can Computers be Human?

Artificial Intelligence is a very murky subject, mainly because the subject is very new. Although researchers have studied it since the 50s, it is clear that the subject is far more advanced than they once believed. What the researchers found out was that we don't even know enough about the human mind to begin to understand artificial intelligence. Not only are there so many functions of the brain but also many evolutionary traits that allow brains to outperform computers. Will computers ever become as powerful or even better than humans?

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