Generating Buzz: Optimization for Social Media

Social Media Optimization

The place to start when utilizing any form of social media as an Internet marketing tool to promote your website is to first determine if that particular tool is the right one for your business. Bearing in mind that trending is not a sure-fire road to success, don't jump on the bandwagon just because it is what everyone else is doing. What's successful for them may not necessarily go viral for you. Much the same as you create your web design aimed at a particular audience, so should your social media marketing be planned.

Every form of social media has a distinct personality of its own. Facebook bears a strong cyber resemblance to the bar in the T.V. series "Cheers," where you go to chat with your friends and hang out. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is more like a professional conference or convention, with a more businesslike, formal atmosphere. Not necessarily more boring than Facebook, just more business oriented.

So, if you were attending a business convention, you would get your product out in front of a large number of business people and generate business-oriented sales for your specific product or group of products and services. On the other hand, you could be having a good time chatting people up at Cheers, telling jokes and, between the fun times, generating business. In many businesses, such as the entertainment business, more big movie deals are consummated on the tennis courts of Beverly Hills, or when doing lunch, than in all of those expensive high-rise offices. Online social media marketing is much the same. Getting your product out in front of Facebook fans, piling up those "likes", and making followers think of you as a friend can go a long way toward creating a successful image and online sales.

So, the trick to creating buzz on social media platforms as a web host is to learn how to have fun with it when that's what your product or service calls for or keep it strictly business if that's what your audience expects. If you can be lucky enough to come up with a fun crazy video that relates to your product or service and, by some stroke of genius with a little luck thrown in, that video goes viral, you're off and running toward huge profits. If the resulting traffic is handled correctly you just might manage to turn your video followers into buying customers.

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