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Google Chrome 9 Released and Credits Reddit for Bug Fix | Inferno Development

Google Chrome 9 Released and Credits Reddit for Bug Fix

Chrome 9 Released

Google does not say much about their Chrome versions but they have recently released Chrome 9 now. They also credited Reddit.com for a critical bug fix.

Google discusses some new features released with Chrome 9: WebGL, Chrome Instant, and the Chrome Web Store.

WebGL will bring in hardware-accelerated 3D graphics support. They provided some demos of WebGL here.

Chrome Instant will bring Google Instant support to the Omnibox. This means that websites will begin loading as soon as you type the URL of a website.

Chrome web store will bring in new apps, including integrating TweetDeck. Although it's only available for US users for now.

Google thanks the Reddit /r/gaming community for helping uncover a critical bug in Chrome.

Google wrote:
Special thanks to the Reddit community, for playing so much of the game "Z-Type" that they uncovered a Chromium audio bug — see below!

The details surrounding the bug involve a race condition:

[69195] Critical Race condition in audio handling. Credit to the gamers of Reddit!

Google even rewards people who find security holes in their system with "Chromium Security Awards". And they also recently

It's good to see one of the most prominent social network on the internet getting the attention it deserves. Recently they also just hit one billion page views for one single month.

con's picture

I am so happy with Chrome 9.

I am so happy with Chrome 9. I was using it since Beta was released. The speeds are the best.

Faw's picture

Wow they reward people for

Wow they reward people for finding bugs, man, if only all corporations behaved this way.

Sari's picture

Wow the demos are pretty

Wow the demos are pretty nice.

bee932's picture

Z-Type is pretty cool.

Z-Type is pretty cool.

zemin's picture

/r/Gaming is awesome, best

/r/Gaming is awesome, best gaming community out there. It's really cool that google supports great communities like that.

Nate's picture

That's so fantastic how

That's so fantastic how Google as a corporate entity is still willing to thank others for their successes.

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