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Google Self-Driving Cars a Dangerous Idea? | Inferno Development

Google Self-Driving Cars a Dangerous Idea?

Google self-driving toyota

We've always known about DARPA doing research on automated self-driving cars for military purposes. This was going to be inevitable. However, it was recently revealed that Google has a fleet of Toyota Prius self-driving cars that can go on highways and have been spotted on roads since a year ago.

I know what you're thinking, you've seen all the Google blogs about it, saying how you would read or work while you commute to work everyday (and that's the reason Google officially wants to do it for). However, has everyone forgotten the possible consequences of this technology?

Here's the Google Toyota Prius that's self-driving:

I always consider both positive and negative effects of any new technology that might impact our world. In the realm of AI we know how automating things can be very time efficient and helpful but can also be helpful for ill-intended purposes.

Consider that drug smugglers will now buy this instead of relying on mules or smugglers. They'd be able to increase their smuggling ten-fold. What about people who may use this technology to hurt others, as self-driving cars are not much different than remote controlled 2-3 ton weapons.

What about people who will use this to play games and joy ride? You don't think someone will mount some more cameras, override it with a joystick, and put it on YouTube? They'd get away with it too.

I know, I'm speculating hard and being very imaginative or hysterical here. I'd love to be able to read when I'm commuting to work, but it seems like the more technology advances the more disconnected we are from the real world. I found it very similar to the movie with Bruce Willis called 'Surrogates' where people use these robots as weapons and keep the public in the dark.

We've seen cars become more automated every year. From self-parallel parking to braking in certain situations without the need of human interaction (which hasn't actually been working so well for some companies).

Volvo had this problem:

I feel like automation other than automatic transmission, should really stay off our cars. Instead we should focus on AI that helps us do more simple tasks such as laundry, dishes, cooking, and cleaning, which no one seems to care about with the slow way technology has been developing for those tasks.

Not to delve into any politics, but eventually the government could call your driving unsafe and force you to automate your car in certain situations.

Do you believe this will be widely embraced and safe technology? Do you see any other possible dangers of this kind of software on cars? (not that we don't already have 100+ microchips in each car).

Am I just paranoid?

Bobafett50's picture

Wow, somehow this idea of

Wow, somehow this idea of Skynet Google cars just went right past my head, I didn't even think of it.

TomGuise's picture

I really do like the idea of

I really do like the idea of commuting and reading / working.

gskeetskeet's picture

@Tom, Yeah but imagine now

Yeah but imagine now you can't even use "I'm sorry I was in traffic" as an excuse anymore, and now they'll expect you to work on your commute too. Rofl!!!

gcjeffers's picture

Sorry for my bad english.

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post.

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