The Internet goes on strike to boycott SOPA / PIPA in the US Congress

Google strike against SOPA PIPA,,,, Mozilla, Wordpress, Wired have all joined in the strike against this draconian censorship bill SOPA and PIPA.

Due to the debate being held in Congress today, many websites have blacked out their website or left important content to direct people to call / email their congressmen.

The people have spoken, we don't want Iranian/Chinese firewall laws and censorship laws. We are the beacon of freedom and we won't allow any congressmen to change the structure of the internet for the sake of lobbyists.

Reddit has a great front page that explains everything you need to know about the controversial SOPA and PIPA laws.

Wired has a great article on why SOPA / PIPA is terrible for jobs, tech sector, and the planet. It also explains the blackout.

WashingtonPost has a slideshow of many websites that participate in the strike.

Some congressmen have said that they are not receiving any significant increase in calls. We really need to ramp up our efforts, please call your congressmen today.

Call your congressmen today and let them know that they cannot censor the internet and bully search engines to remove links from their search results or bully advertisers on websites that may or may not have copyrighted material.

This country was built upon the progressive idea that you are innocent until proven guilty. This law would allow the shutting down of websites before any due process or guilty verdict. It's anti-American, anti-constitutional, and the congressmen proposing this are bought by lobbyists and special interest groups who want this type of censorship.

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Most of these congressmen are

Most of these congressmen are 60 years old or older---they have no idea what the internet is. They just take their paycheck from Hollywood.

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Many people on twitter are

Many people on twitter are chanting "End piracy, NOT liberty" to show clearly that this bill is about censorship not about stopping piracy.

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Ironically, the bill doesn't

Ironically, the bill doesn't even stop piracy, as pirates will always find a way to get what they need easily. Even Chinese find ways around the Chinese firewall.

I just don't see why congressmen in the US think they should censor or control the internet, only a fascist would vote for PIPA or SOPA.

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Wow the WashingtonPost

Wow the WashingtonPost slideshow really puts into perspective just how many websites are protesting this bill. I hope Twitter, Facebook, ebay, amazon join in the protest too.

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It's like politicians learned

It's like politicians learned nothing from the Arab Spring movement---you can't censor the internet and expect peace or stability.

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I just called my congressmen,

I just called my congressmen, you should call them too. Everyone should, right now, right this minute.

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I hope Obama speaks out

I hope Obama speaks out against this bill even threaten it with a veto or something.

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The video on reddit and

The video on reddit and Mozilla is really awesome. Please watch it!

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If twitter joined the

If twitter joined the protest, I bet you all the cosponsors would back off and hide in a bunker.

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It's like some people never

It's like some people never read the first amendment of the US constitution when they write laws or talk about them.

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