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Google Chrome 9 Released and Credits Reddit for Bug Fix

Chrome 9 Released

Google does not say much about their Chrome versions but they have recently released Chrome 9 now. They also credited for a critical bug fix.

Google discusses some new features released with Chrome 9: WebGL, Chrome Instant, and the Chrome Web Store.

5 Stellar Tips to Create Popular Software that Sells

Creating Popular Software

Many programmers will sometimes consider making software as a hobby that they believe might sell one day. The art of making a software popular though is much more difficult than creating a great program that you enjoy using yourself.

5 Fears of Open Source in Corporate Culture

Linux I want to Believe

In recent surveys, it was determined that some companies have begun adopting open source products and new generations of engineers and developers have been trying to change the corporate culture. However, changing decades of corporate culture is much more difficult and still has a long way to go.

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