Sped up video of masterful photoshop skills of a plane crash

Airplane Crash photoshop

I found this awesome artist, Alexander Koshelkov, who photoshop'd a plane crash onto a highway. He compressed the 4 hour video down to 7 minutes for your viewing pleasure.

What's the difference between CISPA and SOPA?

CISPA Cyber Security Bill

You may be wondering what this new house resolution called CISPA (H.R. 3523), that passed the house with 268 votes is. This is a new cyber security legislation.

Google Zerg Rush

zerg rush

Google created a new hidden game into its search engine recently. Every time you search "zerg rush" you will suddenly find yourself in the middle of a zerg rush, a tactic invented in Starcraft and later used in many other RTS games.

Test out zerg rush.

Top 5 Handy Tricks using SQL Queries

database SQL

Once in a while, as a developer, you'll see a cool new SQL statement that might blow your mind or question yourself on how you never came up with this. Such a magnificent SQL statement might have saved you hours of time. I wanted to go over some awesome tricks and tips in SQL that might make your database management easier.

How your personal information is being sold all over the internet

Internet Safety

You have to be careful with your personal information when using the internet forms. Don't give out any personal information unless it is absolutely required in order to make some sort of transaction (even then, be careful about what sites you use your information).

This infographic explains the situation of what's really behind the scenes in the internet.

How you would write an essay with a programming language


What a great comic by Something of that Ilk. I think I'd go with Python for speed. This is what would happen if you were to write an essay with a programming language.

Generating Buzz: Optimization for Social Media

Social Media Optimization

The place to start when utilizing any form of social media as an Internet marketing tool to promote your website is to first determine if that particular tool is the right one for your business. Bearing in mind that trending is not a sure-fire road to success, don't jump on the bandwagon just because it is what everyone else is doing.

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