Qt Splash Screen

Qt Splash Screen

Having a beautiful splash screen can give your program some class. Impress some of your clients as well if you use Qt to program. I'll show you how to edit the Splash Screen message, program the Splash screen, and play with the images.

Introduction to MASM32

ASM is machine language that your computer reads with all computer programs. Every program that is compiled from any language such as C++ or Delphi is then converted to PC ASM through your compiler. PC ASM is what your CPU reads and it is quite difficult to read; however, with MASM32 you can code ASM in a similar fashion to C++ but without the complexity and hassle of PC ASM that your processor reads.

Global Scope

Scope can be a confusing concept for many beginners in PHP. The idea is that some variables and functions are invisible to each other in certain circumstances of code.

PHP IndexOf Key like JavaScript

Many beginners to PHP wonder about how they use to do something in another language. One question that comes up often is, how do you use indexOf like in JavaScript in PHP? Well you can either use the following code or array_search function.

.htaccess Mod Rewrite Tutorial

Htaccess files are used in apache using the .htaccess extension, it has no file name, and if you can't see it, you may need to play with your Folder Options in windows or your FTP client. These config files for apache are extremely useful to prevent access and to rewrite urls using mod_rewrite so that they are more search engine friendly and optimized. Some tips and tricks for designing the right .htaccess file for your website can make wonders.

Inferno Development Established

Welcome to Inferno Development, we have just released our website to help millions learn about web development and to help businesses expand their company's mission throughout the world wide web. We hope you'll enjoy.

Advanced Classes, Constructors, Destructors, and Copy Constructors

Classes are one of the most useful tools to organize your code. It can solve many problems, and if set up correctly can make large tasks such as game development extremely easy. Learning about the secrets of a class can solve many unwanted pointer bugs and the ability to distribute information throughout your program can be much easier. In this tutorial we'll discuss constructors, copy constructors, and destructors.

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