Instant photo filtering app

Vintage Dark Filter photo editing

One of my friends introduced me to this new photo filter editing app called Basically, they've made a website that allows you to upload a photo, quickly apply multiple filters to a photograph and tweak the effect settings all in real-time.

University of Tel-Aviv shows Quantum Superconductors Levitating

Flux Pinning Superconductors

An impressive demonstration by the University of Tel-Aviv as the ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers) records the demonstration of liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors levitating an object in suspended animation over tracks, allowing a frictionless path for the object to travel.

NASA Announces Design for New Deep Space Exploration System


NASA has created a brand new design for a heavy-lift launch vehicle. The Space Launch System (SLS) will be designed to carry the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.

The newest cutting edge technology from the Constellation and Space Shuttle programs will be used for the new system. Flight tests are scheduled to begin in 2017.

HTC to release a Facebook Phone

HTC Android Facebook phone

The HTC 4G Android Phone series has been the main focus of most press related to HTC; however, HTC recently shook up the constant news regarding the Sensation 4G and Thunderbolt 4G by stating that it will be releasing a phone just for Facebook.

US Military purchased 59,000 counterfeit microchips from China


In 2010, Washington unveiled charges against a corporation that had sold them 59,000 counterfeit microchips for use in the US military. The chips were manufactured in China.

Become a Third Party App Entrepreneur with OSS


The success of the open source software movement is pretty indicative of a larger swing in the favor of independent content creators over industry giants like Apple and Google.

Talking about coding is not equivalent to coding skills

Fibonacci spiral

If you've been in the software business you'd recognize that there are probably developers you've met that are great at talking about software and code. They use all the jargon and have a great grasp of concepts in programming. Yet it is still possible for such talented individuals to lack programming skills.

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