British Computer Scientist Wins $250,000 Turing Award

Professor Les Valiant

The software that was able to beat two US champions in the show Jeopardy had been mostly influenced by Professor Les Valiant's techniques and design ideas for improving AI learning capabilities.

Python is One of the Most Popular Programming Languages


Python is quickly taking the lead as one of the most popular programming language. You might be skeptical, but Python is growing at a faster rate than any other language. It received TIOBE Programming Language of the Year award twice, once in 2007, and again in 2010. Even now it still has the highest growth of any other language. What makes Python so great?

Google Chrome 9 Released and Credits Reddit for Bug Fix

Chrome 9 Released

Google does not say much about their Chrome versions but they have recently released Chrome 9 now. They also credited for a critical bug fix.

Google discusses some new features released with Chrome 9: WebGL, Chrome Instant, and the Chrome Web Store.

Facebook Increases Security with HTTPS and Social Friend Captchas

Facebook HTTPS

Today, Mark Zuckerberg's fan page got hijacked by a skilled hacker, who posted something about how Facebook should fund itself through the social network rather than banks. After that, Facebook came out with some new security protocols.

Tech Support Flow Chart


What exactly is tech support anyway? Well most tech support people will tell you that it is mostly Google'ing and playing with settings until things work. This XKCD Tech Support Cheat Sheet comic explains it correctly.

Try not to give up on playing around. It can take hours sometimes to find and fix something as simple as one click.

StumbleUpon Tops Facebook in Social Media Traffic

StumbleUpon Facebook Statcounter

One of the most well known traffic analyzer systems, Statcounter, reported that StumbleUpon beat Facebook as the top social media traffic generator in the United States.

Statcounter keeps track of the top 7 social media traffic generators including Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Myspace and Digg.

We Don't Really Promote Anyone's Code


Many people get into their projects with their own experiences and skills. Much of the time they are tasked with upgrading legacy systems. Sometimes they don't even have the opportunity to get trained by the previous developers on how their code works or why they were coded the way they were.

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