5 Stellar Tips to Create Popular Software that Sells

Creating Popular Software

Many programmers will sometimes consider making software as a hobby that they believe might sell one day. The art of making a software popular though is much more difficult than creating a great program that you enjoy using yourself.

2.5 Billion Habitable Earth-like Planets in Milky Way Galaxy

gliese581c an earth like planet

Phil Plait, the skeptic and astronomer, of Discover Magazine's Bad Astronomy blog section noted a report about the amount of earth-mass planets in the galaxy and used some quick math to estimate the number of earth-like planets in our galaxy that could potentially be habitable.

The Future of Virtual Reality and 3D

Gestural Input Virtual Reality 3D

The movie industry has started a new trend to show 3D movies once again. I'm personally annoyed by the glasses but the technology has progressed. Some directors refuse to bother with it such as Christopher Nolan explaining that the new Batman: The Dark Knight Rises will not be 3D.

Google Self-Driving Cars a Dangerous Idea?

Google self-driving toyota

We've always known about DARPA doing research on automated self-driving cars for military purposes. This was going to be inevitable. However, it was recently revealed that Google has a fleet of Toyota Prius self-driving cars that can go on highways and have been spotted on roads since a year ago.

Google Instant Search Unveiled

Google Instant

Google revealed their newest feature, Google Instant search on Wednesday. Google Instant now instantly searches exactly what you type and tries to guess exactly what you will be typing. The Google team added new JavaScript code and caching system to keep the simplicity and to not overwork your browser. After testing it out, Google Instant seems to be a flawless release that makes searching easier and faster.

25+ Portfolio's of Hollywood's Best Artists


While Hollywood may be about fame and fortune, the men and women behind the scenes designing all the sets, visual effects, concept art and more go virtually unknown, which seems ironic given the impact they have on how much of their work we see in our daily lives, because of all the advertisements we're presented with. So, to provide you with your inspiration for the week, we have compiled this list of Hollywood artists for you.

Glitter Monitor Office Prank

Monitor Office Prank

Most pranks will simply make you look immature or make you a new enemy. However, there are some pranks that require some planning and preparation that can really impress people. Here's one prank that could make you famous in the office and the victim look like a fool.

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