How to Create Art with Your Mouse Cursor Paths


There's a new way to create some interesting look art. Using IOGraphica's IOGraph you can track your mouse movements on your computer. It tracks your cursor and when your cursor is sitting in one spot it starts creating a circle. The larger the circle, the longer your mouse was idle. What exactly does this "art" look like?

25 Techniques to Increase Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking is a website that tracks the traffic of all websites in the world using their Alexa toolbar and Firefox extensions. The website generates charts ranking and comparing the traffic of many websites and even takes into account the location of its users.

Mobile Defense Android App Helps Defend and Find Your Phone


Lose your phone? Has someone stolen your phone? Want to spy on your children, spouse, siblings, girlfriends, or boyfriends? There's an app for that! This Android app will let you lock your phone, wipe it clean, and keep you secure from attacks, thieves, and those who believe in finders keepers.

5 Fears of Open Source in Corporate Culture

Linux I want to Believe

In recent surveys, it was determined that some companies have begun adopting open source products and new generations of engineers and developers have been trying to change the corporate culture. However, changing decades of corporate culture is much more difficult and still has a long way to go.

Hacker Intercepts Cell-Phones in Defcon with $1,500 System

Chris Paget Defcon Conference

An ethical hacker named Chris Paget demonstrated live interception of GSM cell phones from AT&T and T-Mobile at Defcon Hacking Conference on Saturday. Despite concerns that he could be arrested or fined for illegally intercepting cell phone calls, he went ahead with the demonstration.

Intel Creates First Photonics Laser Microprocessor Chip with 50 Gbit/s

Intel Photon Chip

Intel announced on Tuesday, that Intel's research division has developed a new microprocessor chip to showcase the technology of Photon and Laser driven chips that surpass the physical limits of electric wires. In the future, microprocessors will be developed using lasers to convert light into electrical data. The limitations of memory however, may still pose a serious problem.

Windows 7 Calculator on Vista or XP

Windows 7 Calculator

There are a plethora of people who installed Windows 7 at home and are use to the awesome calculator on it, but are forced to use Windows XP or Windows Vista at work. Here's a way to get Windows 7 calculator on Windows Vista. For Windows XP you'll need a different calculator, but have no fear, we have an option for you.

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