Firefox Bug: File could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

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In Windows, using Firefox (for me it was 3.6.3), I use to get an error whenever I download a large file (over 200 MB), Firefox launches an warning error saying "file could not be saved, because the source file could not be read." This is quite an annoying bug for Firefox, and I've seen it on many computers. Perhaps it's not something Firefox can easily fix, because it might be specific to each user's situation (regardless, I still think Firefox should look into it).

DNA Logic Gates May Yield Injectable Bio-computers

DNA Bio computers

DNA-based logic gates created by researchers at the Hebrew University in Israel can lead to injectable bio-computers that can sense biomarkers or traces of perhaps cancer and release counter-agents. This may be the key to solving many medical problems that have been labeled incurable.

8 Twitter Improvements We've Been Dying to See

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Twitter has a ton of potential, but for some reason, its owners perhaps sick of so many people using their service are trying to avoid some significant improvements that could quickly make twitter the best social network.

Why can't twitter just create some of these essential features that would actually make twitter more relevant to avid social network users? Currently, my own use of twitter has been quite unsatisfactory, I haven't seen any benefit for spending any time on twitter.

How Computer Chess Engine's Think ( Minimax Tree )

minimax tree

Ever wonder how computer chess engines make decisions and are as competitive as humans? Most of these chess programs were partly designed by titled grandmaster or international masters. They use an algorithm very similar to a Minimax Tree. A minimax tree is simply a tree sorting algorithm that maximizes its own moves and assumes that its opponent will minimize his own score. In other words, computer chess players assume you will make the best move you can possibly make.

Philosophy, Logic, and Beliefs in AI

logical argument 2+2=4

At ID, our understanding of Artificial Intelligence is one that can simulate the human mind--an entity that can assume and believe much like us with a more precise logic. Other people who work in this field, may characterize AI as search algorithms (as many classes in universities do) or general problem solving or learning entities.

14 Problems with Apple's iPad Leading to Failure

Apple iPad Tablet PC

Apple just revealed the new Apple iPad Tablet that will probably make it one of the first failures by Apple's latest line of products. Apple revealed this new Tablet PC as a challenger to netbooks. However, it's already been labeled a "less powerful, but more expensive netbook." Here are 10 problems that made this Apple iPad an iDisappointment.

MIT Plans to Reinvent the Field of Artificial Intelligence

It's been 59 years since Alan Turing created the Turing Test that would be the most accepted test to see if an artificially intelligent machine could communicate and fool a human into thinking the machine is a human too. Since then, the field of AI has progressed but still hasn't come close to fooling humans. Humans are so intelligent and complicated that the field of AI cannot emulate many of the algorithms of humans effectively.

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