Talking about coding is not equivalent to coding skills

Fibonacci spiral

If you've been in the software business you'd recognize that there are probably developers you've met that are great at talking about software and code. They use all the jargon and have a great grasp of concepts in programming. Yet it is still possible for such talented individuals to lack programming skills.

Python is One of the Most Popular Programming Languages


Python is quickly taking the lead as one of the most popular programming language. You might be skeptical, but Python is growing at a faster rate than any other language. It received TIOBE Programming Language of the Year award twice, once in 2007, and again in 2010. Even now it still has the highest growth of any other language. What makes Python so great?

C# File Logging for Debugging

Log File C#

In almost any project that requires debugging you need to have a logger that properly writes all your commands and suspicious variables into a file. Logging can save you a lot of effort because sometimes you think you understand how a built-in function works but you can be wrong. The following code can be used simply by typing Log.Logger.log("First log");. That's simple logging for debugging.

C++ Structures

C++ Structs

Structures allow programmers to define their own type of data by grouping together several types of variables. They are extremely useful when you need to aggregate different variables of different types to represent a composite object.

C# Twitter API Connections and XML


Twitter API can be a lot of fun, some people use PHP but we can also use C# to create a program that connects to twitter and completes a certain task. In this example, we'll create a Twitter API client that will contact Twitter and check the amount of followers of anyone you want to look up.

Getting Started with Visual Basic 2008

This tutorial is geared to teach individuals who are brand new to Visual Basic 2008 and want to create their first program in the language. The tutorial will cover proper naming styles, transferring information to a label, creating the code to execute the program on a button click, creating shortcuts, commenting, managing the tab order, and exiting an application.

Creating C# Average Calculator

Average Calculator

I had to calculate a lot of average numbers from various websites and so I decided to make a small average calculator that would calculate the average number of two input numbers in a fluid fashion. This average calculator works really well and is faster than using silly windows calculator or even excel.

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