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Installing Qt 4.4.3 On Windows (Various Methods)

Qt GUI Toolkit is an opensource toolkit using C++ and other languages to code, it is the best GUI library there is. Qt allows you to make Windows, Linux, or Mac programs that work great. We'll explain how to install it on windows (it's much easier in linux).

QThread QMutex QSemaphore and Multi Threaded Applications

Ever wondered what a Thread Mutex is? How about a Semaphore? You know they deal with threads but you probably never understood how they work. This article will examine QThread, QMutex, QSemaphore in a multi-threaded application and explain it using Qt (though you don't need to know Qt to learn this important programming concept), it's actually easier than learning it using Win32 Programming.

Qt Splash Screen

Qt Splash Screen

Having a beautiful splash screen can give your program some class. Impress some of your clients as well if you use Qt to program. I'll show you how to edit the Splash Screen message, program the Splash screen, and play with the images.

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