C# is a programming language based on VB and C++, that is used by Microsoft using the .NET Framework.

C# File Logging for Debugging

Log File C#

In almost any project that requires debugging you need to have a logger that properly writes all your commands and suspicious variables into a file. Logging can save you a lot of effort because sometimes you think you understand how a built-in function works but you can be wrong. The following code can be used simply by typing Log.Logger.log("First log");. That's simple logging for debugging.

C# Twitter API Connections and XML


Twitter API can be a lot of fun, some people use PHP but we can also use C# to create a program that connects to twitter and completes a certain task. In this example, we'll create a Twitter API client that will contact Twitter and check the amount of followers of anyone you want to look up.

Creating C# Average Calculator

Average Calculator

I had to calculate a lot of average numbers from various websites and so I decided to make a small average calculator that would calculate the average number of two input numbers in a fluid fashion. This average calculator works really well and is faster than using silly windows calculator or even excel.

Learning C# GUI Event Handling

C# is an object oriented language that is usually programmed with Visual Studio. Visual Studio makes the designing of GUI extremely easy. C# also makes event handling very simple as well. Anyone can learn how to create simple button driven programs with very little code.

Getting Started with C# Programming

C# (C Sharp) is a Microsoft programming language created to compete with Java and C++. C# was developed in 2000 as an object oriented, multi-paradigm programming language within the .NET Framework (a programming library that comes with windows).

Linked Lists for Beginners

This article will demonstrate the very basics of working with linked lists in C#. Linked lists are perhaps the most powerful forms of data storage, and are used in almost every program. If you are new to C# or are more interested behind the List<> basics, then this tutorial is for you. A very basic understanding of the language and its syntax is required.

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