C++ Win32 API

C++ Win 32 API programming

Editing Memory Addresses, Hacking Games

There are multiple reasons to edit memory addresses, usually used in embedded systems; however, some people may prefer to use it to hack some simple games like Minesweeper. Of course, you probably wouldn't want to hack any time-consuming high-skill based games as it would be unfair to other players who worked so hard to get better at the game. Regardless, it would still be a funny prank to change the values of your friend's calculator or excel file right in front of him by the click of a program.

How to create a DLL in C++ using run time dynamic linking

How would you like to have an easily update-able program? If your program was using DLLs, your users would not have to redownload your entire program once a new version is out. You could provide them with an updater that downloads the new DLLs and they'll be set and ready to go.

How would you like to have a plugin interface for your program? What would Firefox or Winamp be without plugins? They'd be pretty lame. Programs can implement a plugin system using DLLs.

Freeze Programs Using Win32 Threads

Freezing programs is a lot of fun especially if you can reprogram it to freeze most of the programs on your friends PC using OpenThread and SuspendThread and then with the press of a key you can unfreeze them using ResumeThread and freak out your friends. Using Win32 Threads you can easily freeze any program, in this example we will freeze notepad.exe.

Win32 Registry Wrapper

If you've ever had to work with Win32 Registry, you'd know that it is painful to remember how to access the registry, retrieve values and set values with Win32 API. This tutorial covers a wrapper class that allows you to manipulate string (REG_SZ or REG_EXPAND_SZ) values in the registry using C++ Win32.

Simple C++ DLL Loading a Message Box

This tutorial shows you how to create a C++ Win32 DLL (Dynamic Link Library) which you can then use to call functions from that DLL in your main C++ program. I will be calling a MessageBox from the DLL and load it inside my main C++ program using LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress. I will also exchange integers between the DLL and the main program.

C++ Win32 API Simple GUI Wrapper

How would you like to write your Windows Graphical (Win32 GUI) software as EASY as this?

MyWindowClass wndClass (hInstance, TEXT("GenericWindowClass"));
MyWindow wnd(hInstance, TEXT("My Window Title"), wndClass.className ());


Easy programming in Win32 isn't it?

C++ Win32 API Tutorial

You may have already done quite a bit of console programming with C++. Although, you probably wondered how they get those nice graphical user interfaces (GUI) in windows programs that don't have a black screen. Well, these GUI programs are called Win32 API programs. Learn how to make buttons, windows, text edits, and other GUI objects in Windows 32 programming.

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