Control Structures (if else)

Control structures like if...else and are what allow the computer to make decisions based on input and calculations. According to different conditions and circumstances your program can make different decisions or pathway of actions.

How to create a DLL in C++ using run time dynamic linking

How would you like to have an easily update-able program? If your program was using DLLs, your users would not have to redownload your entire program once a new version is out. You could provide them with an updater that downloads the new DLLs and they'll be set and ready to go.

How would you like to have a plugin interface for your program? What would Firefox or Winamp be without plugins? They'd be pretty lame. Programs can implement a plugin system using DLLs.

Basic Introduction to Assembly

Assembly code can be very intimidating for newer programmers. Assembly is difficult because there is so much variety in instruction sets of different companies that produce chips. Assembly is the building block of all programming languages and each chip has its own unique instruction set created by the manufacturer.


There are so many different methods of looping which is an essential building block of any game or complicated program. Knowing efficient looping skills will make you a better C++ programmer.

5 Tips to Improve Your Code's Readability

Here are a few tips that will make your code easier to read and understand.

How to Implement a Substitution Cipher in C++

A substitution cipher is probably the simplest cipher to implement and, at the same time, it is also the easiest cipher to break.

Java Input and Output for Beginners

This tutorial will teach you the basics of Java programming - more specifically, input and output. Furthermore, it will give you the opportunity to operate the open source Eclipse IDE (integrated development environment) and write one of your first programs in the Java language.

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