Freeze Programs Using Win32 Threads

Freezing programs is a lot of fun especially if you can reprogram it to freeze most of the programs on your friends PC using OpenThread and SuspendThread and then with the press of a key you can unfreeze them using ResumeThread and freak out your friends. Using Win32 Threads you can easily freeze any program, in this example we will freeze notepad.exe.

Set Console Text Color

Setting console text color is a great way to add spice to your console games. Using a combination of ASCII art and Console coloring you can even make your own RPG game. It's very simple to do, all you need is windows.h.

Win32 Registry Wrapper

If you've ever had to work with Win32 Registry, you'd know that it is painful to remember how to access the registry, retrieve values and set values with Win32 API. This tutorial covers a wrapper class that allows you to manipulate string (REG_SZ or REG_EXPAND_SZ) values in the registry using C++ Win32.

Installing Qt 4.4.3 On Windows (Various Methods)

Qt GUI Toolkit is an opensource toolkit using C++ and other languages to code, it is the best GUI library there is. Qt allows you to make Windows, Linux, or Mac programs that work great. We'll explain how to install it on windows (it's much easier in linux).

C++ Prime Number

A Prime number is a mathematical number that can be divisible by itself and by 1. Prime numbers though can get difficult to code efficiently, because of the process it takes to calculate them. The following is a very efficient algorithm for calculating C++ prime numbers.

C++ Buffer Overflow Exploit

When you have a certain amount of bytes allocated for a buffer and someone enters more bytes than you allocated, this is called a buffer overflow or buffer overrun. It is a very serious security threat and many programmers make this mistake, even experienced programmers. You must secure your code, otherwise someone can inject code directly into your system using your program. These C++ security exploits can be used in any language, even on websites.

QThread QMutex QSemaphore and Multi Threaded Applications

Ever wondered what a Thread Mutex is? How about a Semaphore? You know they deal with threads but you probably never understood how they work. This article will examine QThread, QMutex, QSemaphore in a multi-threaded application and explain it using Qt (though you don't need to know Qt to learn this important programming concept), it's actually easier than learning it using Win32 Programming.

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