C++ XOR Encryption Cipher for Secret Messages

Ever wanted to send secret messages to your friends? Using C++ and the XOR ^ operator and the AND & operator you can make secure a encryption that only people with your source code can use.

C++ Log File Class (Forget Debuggers!)

C++ can become very difficult to use especially with large projects where you can't see all the variables. Here's a very simple C++ logging class that can take logs for your software without any effort. This will make you a better programmer as you won't have to rely on debuggers like in Microsoft's Visual Studio.

Simple C++ DLL Loading a Message Box

This tutorial shows you how to create a C++ Win32 DLL (Dynamic Link Library) which you can then use to call functions from that DLL in your main C++ program. I will be calling a MessageBox from the DLL and load it inside my main C++ program using LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress. I will also exchange integers between the DLL and the main program.

C++ Program Without Main Function

Ever wanted to name your C++ main() function differently? We use a little C++ trick to rename our main() function to InfernoDevelopment().

C++ Beginner Programming Video Tutorial

In this video, we make a simple guessing game for beginners using C++ and we also explain how to set up your programming environment. This is a very simple tutorial for beginners.

C++ Pthreads API

Ever created a multi-threaded application? Using POSIX threads, called Pthreads you can create multi-threaded applications in almost any operating system. Pthreads give you the ability to control threads using C++. In this example, we will create a multi-threaded Matrix Multiplication Application.

Beginner C++ Cout Cin Integer

The objective of this basic C++ tutorial is to provide beginners with a simple understanding of the cout and cin functions of C++, while simultaneously providing a guide to one of their first programs. This C++ tutorial will also show you how to set up your environment and your example programs.

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