Singleton C++

The Singleton C++ Design Pattern is a C++ design that creates one single instance of a class that can be used throughout multiple files and large projects.

Think of C++ Singleton like a global class that can be accessed at any moment and will be created only once, if it hasn't already been initialized.

C++ Volatile Keyword

Volatile keyword can be specified for any C++ variable in order to tell the compiler that the variable should not be optimized. I'll show you what this means and why this Computer Engineering secret is very rare to find in any code. It's used in multi-threaded code or embedded system designs.

Perfect C++ String Explode Split

Ever wanted the perfect explode or split using the C++ std::string class? Where you can split a string based on a delimiter or separator and store the results in a vector? Here's an easy way to do it!

C++ Win32 API Simple GUI Wrapper

How would you like to write your Windows Graphical (Win32 GUI) software as EASY as this?

MyWindowClass wndClass (hInstance, TEXT("GenericWindowClass"));
MyWindow wnd(hInstance, TEXT("My Window Title"), wndClass.className ());


Easy programming in Win32 isn't it?

C++ Win32 API Tutorial

You may have already done quite a bit of console programming with C++. Although, you probably wondered how they get those nice graphical user interfaces (GUI) in windows programs that don't have a black screen. Well, these GUI programs are called Win32 API programs. Learn how to make buttons, windows, text edits, and other GUI objects in Windows 32 programming.

C/C++ Basic Structures of a Simple Program

Why Learn Programming?
Programming is an important part of using the computer to do work for you. Even if you're not a programmer you can still learn a language and it will help you in every day life, not just in the computer, and it can also help you automate things that you consistently do and it will make your life easier, and perhaps if you share your code, it will help others as well. This tutorial will teach you the basics of programming in C and C++, a language that is shrouded in mystery and learning it is very beneficial!

Simple C++ Pointers and References

Pointers are used to point to a variable rather than copying the variable all over your functions and classes. Usually when you pass a variable to a function, it copies the variable wasting memory.

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