SOPA Protest Day was the largest internet protest ever


On January 18th, 115,000 websites participated in a widespread blacking out their website (including our own website) to protest the censorship that was allowed into the House bill SOPA--as well as the Senate bill PIPA.

Since then, Congress received 400,000-500,000 phone calls about it. Some congressmen had their websites go down due to the amount of traffic.

The world's most popular websites including Google, Ebay, Craigslist, Reddit, Imgur, and Wikipedia, blocked out their sites. Additionally, well known influential top 100 sites like Wired, Drudge Report, Techdirt, Flickr, Mozilla, Wordpress also wrote messages or completely blocked their own site in protest.

14 senators issued statements against PIPA/SOPA, the day after. It sort of twisted congress's position from mostly supporting to mostly opposing.

Of course, now there is fear of ACTA having some civil rights violations and internet censorship as well, but this isn't a bill, it's a treaty so it could already have a much better chance if people don't protest more actively.

Here's an infographic of the day the internet stood still:

SOPA protest
Source: FrugalDad

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I didn't realize it was such

I didn't realize it was such a big event. j/kj/k

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Lamar Smith, the crazy

Lamar Smith, the crazy Christian scientist must be removed from office.

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We need to work together like

We need to work together like this more often. The internet needs to be its own political voting bloc that congress cannot fight against.

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The real problem is now ACTA.

The real problem is now ACTA. I wonder how we can fight that?

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Isn't something like this

Isn't something like this happening on the federal holiday in February 20th? That is going to be interesting to see.

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