Stack Docklet: The Installation and Set Up

This article will show you how to install the Stacks Docklet onto your Windows OS, which will give you either the Grid or Fan functions (like Leopard). Your productivity will increase and your friends will be asking how you did it.

1. Download Stardock Object Dock

2. Click on the "Free Download" button.

3. Download and Install.

4. Open from your program menu or the ObjectDock shortcut on your desktop.

5. Right-click in blank space and click dock settings.

6. Click on appearance.

  • Adjust the icon sizes to preference.
  • Set the background to Glass Bent.
  • Drag the transparency bar all the way to transparent.
  • Close

7. Download Stack Docklet.

8. Extract the .zip file.

9. Find your Docklets folder, normally located at:
C:/Program Files/Stardock/ObjectDock/Docklets

10. Inside the folder you just extracted is a folder called StackDocklet, move that into the Docklets folder you just found.

11. Right-click in the blank space of the ObjectDock and click Add, then click "New 'Stack' Docklet".

12. A new icon will appear, click it.

This is the Stacks menu options. You are almost finished, there are a few things left to do:

  • At the 'Folder' field, browse to an important folder, such as Documents.
  • At the 'Icon' field, browse for a relevant Icon (many come with ObjectDock, or you can download others).
  • At the 'Show Icon' drop-down box, select 'Always'.
  • At the 'Mode' drop-down box, select 'Fan'.
  • Click 'Ok'.

That's it, now click on your new docklet and it will fan out!

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