StumbleUpon Tops Facebook in Social Media Traffic

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One of the most well known traffic analyzer systems, Statcounter, reported that StumbleUpon beat Facebook as the top social media traffic generator in the United States.

Statcounter keeps track of the top 7 social media traffic generators including Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Myspace and Digg.

StumbleUpon has always been the top competitor to Facebook in this category. StumbleUpon consistently uses its 12 million users to constantly send them from website to website based on what's popular.

Of course, Facebook has more users (around 500 million) and is starting to defeat Google in various nations as the top website. It's a clear epidemic that people care more about their status updates than searching for information.

Another flawless victory was Reddit consistently beating Digg this year, and the gap widened thanks to Digg's colossal failure with Diggv4 in August. Diggv4 attempted to copy Twitter and Facebook style layout redesign and eliminated many key features like Bury and Recommendation engine.

Considering Reddit has plenty of self posts where nothing is linked externally and Digg is exclusively external links, the defeat is amplified.

StumbleUpon Defeats Facebook

JapaneseAni's picture

In 2011, I predict, good bye

In 2011, I predict, good bye to Digg and MySpace, a decline for facebook, and hello to a new reign of reddit, youtube, stumbleupon.

Nate's picture

That's astounding, but it

That's astounding, but it looks like that has happened once before. It could just be a temporary dip for Facebook.

trapline91's picture

I seriously doubt you'll be

I seriously doubt you'll be seeing a decline in Facebook this year or the next. I can see Digg going under this year at the rate it is currently going at and have reddit take its place.


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