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DARPA wants to create synthetic organisms to terraform and create atmosphere for Mars


Alicia Jackson, deputy director of DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO) said in a biotech conference:

For the first time, we have the technological toolkit to transform not just hostile places here on Earth, but to go into space not just to visit, but to stay.

Harvard scientists discover protein GDF-11 that reverses heart disease in old mice

old mice heart science

Harvard University scientists that were working with various aged mice and researching heart disease discovered a protein that could reverse aging in human organs.

Dr. Richard Lee, director of regenerative medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Amy Wagers, of the Department of Regenerative Biology at Harvard

DARPA planning to implement laser weapons to jets


DARPA is planning on implementing laser weapons that are liquid cooled on jets. These highly precise weapons called High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) could be the future of air supremacy, targeted strikes, and defense against missiles and rockets.

Italian Scientists convicted of 6 years for failing to predict earthquakes

Italy Earthquake 2009

In the court case in the field of risk assessment, the courts convicted six scientists and one government official for their alleged role in the deaths of 309 people in the quake of April 2009 in the town of L’Aquila in Italy.

The Higgs Boson particle finally discovered at CERN! (Not "God particle")

Higgs Boson particle

The Higgs Boson was discovered at CERN on July 4th 2012. It is part of the Standard Model of particle physics to explain why atoms have mass and how they exist in our universe.

SOPA Protest Day was the largest internet protest ever


On January 18th, 115,000 websites participated in a widespread blacking out their website (including our own website) to protest the censorship that was allowed into the House bill SOPA--as well as the Senate bill PIPA.

Since then, Congress received 400,000-500,000 phone calls about it. Some congressmen had their websites go down due to the amount of traffic.

The Internet goes on strike to boycott SOPA / PIPA in the US Congress

Google strike against SOPA PIPA,,,, Mozilla, Wordpress, Wired have all joined in the strike against this draconian censorship bill SOPA and PIPA.

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