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Harvard scientists discover protein GDF-11 that reverses heart disease in old mice

old mice heart science

Harvard University scientists that were working with various aged mice and researching heart disease discovered a protein that could reverse aging in human organs.

Dr. Richard Lee, director of regenerative medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Amy Wagers, of the Department of Regenerative Biology at Harvard

DNA Logic Gates May Yield Injectable Bio-computers

DNA Bio computers

DNA-based logic gates created by researchers at the Hebrew University in Israel can lead to injectable bio-computers that can sense biomarkers or traces of perhaps cancer and release counter-agents. This may be the key to solving many medical problems that have been labeled incurable.

Organic Foods Unhealthy and Bad for Environment

Organic Food

The other night Penn & Teller: Bull! aired a new episode discussing Organic Foods and interviewed several scientists as well as organic food activists in order to determine whether organic foods were actually healthy or not. Some interesting facts came about and all the arguments for organic foods were suddenly debunked.

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