HTC to release a Facebook Phone

HTC Android Facebook phone

The HTC 4G Android Phone series has been the main focus of most press related to HTC; however, HTC recently shook up the constant news regarding the Sensation 4G and Thunderbolt 4G by stating that it will be releasing a phone just for Facebook.

US Military purchased 59,000 counterfeit microchips from China


In 2010, Washington unveiled charges against a corporation that had sold them 59,000 counterfeit microchips for use in the US military. The chips were manufactured in China.

How to Create Art with Your Mouse Cursor Paths


There's a new way to create some interesting look art. Using IOGraphica's IOGraph you can track your mouse movements on your computer. It tracks your cursor and when your cursor is sitting in one spot it starts creating a circle. The larger the circle, the longer your mouse was idle. What exactly does this "art" look like?

Mobile Defense Android App Helps Defend and Find Your Phone


Lose your phone? Has someone stolen your phone? Want to spy on your children, spouse, siblings, girlfriends, or boyfriends? There's an app for that! This Android app will let you lock your phone, wipe it clean, and keep you secure from attacks, thieves, and those who believe in finders keepers.

Virginia Tech Engineers Help the Blind Drive

The Washington Post reported that Virginia Tech engineers were able to develop a car that allows the blind to drive. The vehicle was developed from scratch with $1300 based on an ATV. Blind groups all over compared this success to the moon landing for the blind.

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