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That's Exactly What Skynet Would Say! | Inferno Development

That's Exactly What Skynet Would Say!

Are you Skynet Wolfram Alpha?

Today, I was searching for information about artificial intelligence algorithms on Wolfram Alpha, when it dawned on me that perhaps I should first determine whether Wolfram Alpha is actually Skynet (in order to make sure I'm not using some biased search engine).

And then, my worst fears were realized...

 are you skynet?

You can search "Are you Skynet?" at Wolfram Alpha and see the proof for yourself.

Had it said it was Skynet, I would have brushed it aside as a funny joke. However, Wolfram Alpha went to great lengths to prove to me he's not Skynet. And therefore, by proof of logical fallacy, it IS Skynet.

Xeeera's picture

Hahaha, 'proof by logical

Hahaha, 'proof by logical fallacy' lol wth!!

Anonymous's picture

I'm glad that Wolfram

I'm glad that Wolfram explained all that, I really wasn't sure.

Zen's picture

LoL, make sure it's not

LoL, make sure it's not biased, I agree, that's always important.

Nate's picture

I lol'd so hard. Very epic.

I lol'd so hard. Very epic.

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