University of Tel-Aviv shows Quantum Superconductors Levitating

Flux Pinning Superconductors

An impressive demonstration by the University of Tel-Aviv as the ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers) records the demonstration of liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors levitating an object in suspended animation over tracks, allowing a frictionless path for the object to travel.

Of course the requirement of having super high temperature / low temperature causes a limitation for engineers to create incredible new technologies from this (such as high speed trains perhaps).

The phenomenon of the object being locked in the air is called flux pinning.

One physicist also claims to have solved room temperature superconductivity and apparently might be considered for a nobel prize, and his son is conducting an AMA (ask me anything interview), on

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Well that's a technology that

Well that's a technology that has some incredible potential for the future. Including bullet train innovations, and possibly even space travel.

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