Upgrade Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC

The new Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) has been released, and we are all excited for another blunder or home run by Microsoft. However, most of us do not want to follow the silly, condescending recommendation by Microsoft about how we should have a fresh/clean install of RC1 even if we are running Windows 7 Build 7000. Of course, with all our data not backed up we decide to hack our way to RC version.

Of course, you should always back up your data, but I always think "They're just switching around some files, what could go wrong?"

The download for Windows 7 RC is available. Yes, and free product keys for all!

Here's what you do to upgrade directly from Windows 7 Build 7000 to Windows 7 RC:

1) Copy the downloaded Windows 7 files somewhere on your PC, after you extracted them from the ISO file (you may want to use WinRAR)
2) Browse to the Sources folder.
3) Edit cversion.ini with notepad.
4) Change "MinClient=7077.0" to "MinClient=7000.0" (or whatever your build is, you should be able to see your build version on your desktop) and save the file.
5) Run your setup.

It's usually recommended that you have a Windows 7 DVD burned and ready, in case of problems (this is very important). Therefore, you may want to download PowerISO and using Windows Explorer, grab all the files and folders where you extracted your ISO file using WinRAR, and then right click "PowerISO > Add to Image File..." (you should see this option if you installed PowerISO and restarted computer).

Note: PowerISO may not work if you do not have full version, so you may have to settle for another program like ISO Recorder v3.

Burn it as an ISO file. Then using either PowerISO or a program like ActiveISOBurner, you can burn it to a DVD.

Then install from there, you should have the option to "Upgrade" after you click "Install Now" because of the modified cversion.ini.

Good hunting... for bugs...

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Awesome, I can finally

Awesome, I can finally upgrade without a reformat.

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