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25 Techniques to Increase Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking

Alexa.com is a website that tracks the traffic of all websites in the world using their Alexa toolbar and Firefox extensions. The website generates charts ranking and comparing the traffic of many websites and even takes into account the location of its users.

Dojo AJAX Tutorial


Dojo Toolkit is a JavaScript Framework that allows you to easily create AJAX driven applications on the web. The API is very straight forward and Dojo is one of the most widespread and functional JavaScript frameworks. You can call AJAX functions using XhrGet and XhrPost (though there are others).

10 Extreme Link Building Techniques

Content is King

Link building means getting back links (or inlinks) from websites to boost your website PR and website authority with regards to Search Engines, as well as to generate traffic. Web developers sometimes make the mistake of using the wrong techniques or attempting to find quick solutions by paying someone or using scripts.

Expect 100-continue Header Twitter API Error using PHP CURL

Twitter API

I was trying to develop a small application for Twitter API when I was faced with a very odd error by Twitter. Apparently, nowadays Twitter API does not like some of the cURL querying without the proper headers. Here's how you can fix that.

5 Methods for CSS Curvy Corners

As with many web developers, I am sure you have struggled with getting those nice Web 2.0 curvy corners or rounded rectangles. The problem is really IE, for some reason, the developers at IE, never figured out what curvy corners are, even though other browsers have their CSS3 attribute already.

BBCode GeSHi Filter for MyBB (Syntax Highlighting)

BB Code Geshi Filter for Code Syntax Highlighting on programming forums, is designed for MyBB Forum 1.4+ (a free forum software).

PHP Generated Dynamic Images

Have you ever seen an image that counts down a date, a signature that displays game ratings, or a little avatar that tells you what browser you are using? These are all examples of dynamic images, usually created with PHP.

In this tutorial, I will be explaining how this is done in PHP, and providing several working code examples.

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