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Expect 100-continue Header Twitter API Error using PHP CURL

Twitter API

I was trying to develop a small application for Twitter API when I was faced with a very odd error by Twitter. Apparently, nowadays Twitter API does not like some of the cURL querying without the proper headers. Here's how you can fix that.

BBCode GeSHi Filter for MyBB (Syntax Highlighting)

BB Code Geshi Filter for Code Syntax Highlighting on programming forums, is designed for MyBB Forum 1.4+ (a free forum software).

PHP Generated Dynamic Images

Have you ever seen an image that counts down a date, a signature that displays game ratings, or a little avatar that tells you what browser you are using? These are all examples of dynamic images, usually created with PHP.

In this tutorial, I will be explaining how this is done in PHP, and providing several working code examples.

cURL PHP Send POST Data in the Background

CURL, is an extension built by Daniel Stenberg that allows you to send POST/GET messages with PHP. In this tutorial we will discuss the POST method. CURL can be used to take care of problems like APIs and credit card payment processing. Things like Google API or Yahoo API can also be used this way. It's very simple and all you have to do, is have a recent version of PHP.

Anti-Hacking: Securing your passwords!

Password security is an important subject in the web today. Many passwords are cracked and hacked everyday especially with popular sites such as myspace that have a constant account stealing problem. Some don't understand what makes a password secure and what doesn't. Some believe it is harder to remember so they prefer short passwords.

Global Scope

Scope can be a confusing concept for many beginners in PHP. The idea is that some variables and functions are invisible to each other in certain circumstances of code.

PHP IndexOf Key like JavaScript

Many beginners to PHP wonder about how they use to do something in another language. One question that comes up often is, how do you use indexOf like in JavaScript in PHP? Well you can either use the following code or array_search function.

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