Where is the Facebook Timeline?


Where is the Facebook Timeline?
If you have been keeping up with the latest trends in social media, there is no way you haven't heard about the new Facebook Timeline feature. What was touted by critics to be the ultimate stalking service has been late to develop on the social network.

According to Sam Lessin, the product manager of Facebook, the company is taking it slow with its new profile layout. Whenever Facebook makes a change to their website, there is always an uproar from users who just want to go back to the old style. Early adopters have began to design their Facebook timeline profiles, but the mass public does not know how to do so yet. The beta process for developing Facebook timeline profiles is somewhat of a complicated process involving signing up for a developer account which only lets other Timeline adapters see your profile.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the new Facebook Timeline will help users detail and illustrate the complete story of their lives. Instead of being limited to a a generic list of things that you are interested in, the new Timeline will document everything that you have ever done on the social network. You will even be able to fill out information about yourself that happened before the social network began.

This type of transparency will push the limits on what we as a society deem tasteful and necessary for our own personal privacy. In addition to the new content on the actual website, Facebook will also have to power data centers in New York area locations in order to keep everyone's profile completely updated and running correctly.

Facebook is completely doing away with the five frame photo spread that currently adorns the top of user profiles. In its place will be an 800x300 image that will allow users to creatively customize their Facebook experience. Instead of fumbling around with the tedious task of uploading images and placing them in the correct spot, users will now be able to either take a single photo or design and use it to represent themselves.

The Facebook Timeline will be a shock to some users, but after the initial reaction wears off, people will being to assimilate and act like nothing has ever changed. Just like every new Facebook innovation, there are going to be people irritated by it. In a world where they are the social media pioneers, Facebook can afford to make some mistakes.

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